Estonian Internet Foundation has developed, in consultation with .ee accredited registrars, Best Practices for Registrars. Best Practices provide the customers of the subscribing registrars with additional assurance that, when ordering the .ee domain registration services, they will receive reliable information and services that conform to the acceptable quality level.

Subscription to these Best Practices is a recognition to the registrar’s customer service and the quality of their services! Subscription to these Best Practices is a voluntary option for any registrar.

A registrar that has subscribed to Best Practices will have the right to use a quality mark - different accredited registrar logo, an Elite Partner logo (on the left), from the regular accredited registrar logo. As well, Elite Partner favicon (on the right) will be added to the registrar table on front page. 

How to join?

In order to join the Elite Partner programme send your application to
Best Practises and the application to join the programme can be found from the fail menu below. Estonian Internet Foundation will confirm the accession within 30 days after the application has been received. 

.ee Elite Partner registrars